Computational tools developed by current or previous members of the Duguez lab

snpQT: Genomic data quality control and imputation - a software pipeline for GWAS and related applications.
MyoMiner: A database of gene co-expression in muscle tissue.
Muscle Gene Sets: A large collection of signatures of gene expression changes in muscle.
Dystrophin Interactome: Interactome of dystrophin - provided as is, without additional validation.
CellWhere: Make network graphs of protein binding interactions overlaid on a schema of the cell.

Sys-Myo is a collection of computational resources developed by current and/or past members of the Duguez lab. Our research objectives lie in translational approaches for neuromuscular disorders.

For more information about the team's current activities, and current and past members, please visit the Duguez lab main pages.

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