About the Dystrophin Interactome Project

Dystrophin has a well understood role in protecting muscle cell membranes from contraction-induced tearing. Other roles include the organization of the microtubule network, regulation of muscle blood perfusion, lipid binding and vesicle trafficking. Many binding domains of dystrophin have already been identified and implicated in pathologies. Despite the significance of dystrophin's interactions, a systematic review of dystrophin's interactome has yet to be carried out.

We have utilised previosuly published literature and online interaction databases in combination with our own experimental data to generate a comprehensive interactome of dystrophin. Experimental data was be obtained using the 'QUICK' method for protein interaction screening by quantitative immunoprecipitation combined with knockdown (Selbach, 2008) upon stably immortalised human-derived myoblast cell lines.

The generation and analysis of the mass spectrometery data has now be completed. A comprehenisve list of dystrophins direct binding partners in skeletal muscle has been established. Our experimental data and literature data is being used to expand the interactome to encorporate all significant interactions.

Data is currently being prepared for publication.