Help Section and FAQ

How do edit the interactome or add or overlay my own data?
Please use the download link in the top right corner in order to download a .cys file version of the networks. You will need to have cytoscape installed in order to open this file (downloadable here).
Once open in cytoscape, full modification is available including addition and deletion of nodes and edges. Visual aspects such as colours, sizes and node placements can also be altered. More advanced cytoscape users can take advantages of the full range of cytoscape features including overlaying expression data or

I am having trouble finding particular proteins. Is there an easy way to search for individual proteins?
The current version of our online interactome does not have a functional search feature for individual proteins. To search the interactome for proteins of interest we recommend downloading the offline cytoscape version of the interacome (top right corner of this page), which contains search function within the 'Select' tab of the Control Panel. For example, the protein alpha-dystrobrevin can be located in the Select tab by follwoing: 'Add new condition...', 'Column filter', 'Node: Gene name' and entering the search term: 'DTNA'

I would like the interactions as an online table. How can I get this?
The table can be downloaded through cytoscape or you can be requested from

Need something else?
Please contact us at if you require any further assistance.